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Accommodation - Online Application - Help Documentation


  1. Introduction
  2. Terms and Conditions help
  3. Student Verification
  4. Application for Accommodation
  5. Disabilities/Medical Conditions
  6. Care Leaver
  7. MMU Accommodation Choices
  8. Personal Preferences (MMU Accommodation Only)
  9. Final Check / Password Registration

1. Introduction

The information on this page has been written to help users fill in the Online application forms correctly.

The information has been organised in such a way as to follow each element of the application process in sequence.

2. Terms and Conditions

All applicants must read the terms and conditions and agree to them before the application can be made. The terms and conditions are presented in a scrolling box. At the end of the Terms and Conditions there is a checkbox that must be ticked to continue.

When you have ticked the checkbox to agree to the terms and conditions you must then hit the proceed button to continue with the application.

3. Verification

To apply for accommodation at MMU you must have accepted as your first choice, an Unconditional Firm (UF) or Conditional Firm (CF) offer from MMU.

This next phase of the application form checks that you are on our student records system and that the above conditions apply.

Your UCAS or MMU ID Number is the application number issued to you by UCAS or the number issued to you by the MMU department (if you are a direct applicant). If you haven't been allocated an MMU ID number please contact your relevant academic department. If you are a current MMU student your ID number can be found on your Student ID card. For information please see example letter below.

Example of UCAS Application Number (circled)

Date of Birth is your date of birth.

Having entered the verification data please hit the 'verify' button. If you are successful hit the 'Continue' button. If you are unsuccessful please refer to the onscreen messages.

4. Student Status

Here you must state whether you are a new or returning student AND if you are to undertake an Undergraduate, a Postgraduate or an Exchange course. Simply make your choice and hit the 'Next Step >>' button to proceed to the next step.

5. Disabilities/Medical Conditions

It is important that you let us know of any disability or health condition which might necessitate alternative arrangements or facilities.

The choices here are disabled unless you choose the 'Yes' button. If your condition is not listed please tick the 'Other' box and enter the details in the text box provided.

6. Care Leaver

This question is asking if you have been in the care of a local authority within the last 2 years (e.g. Living in foster care or a children's home). You MUST answer yes or no.

7. MMU Accommodation Choices

At this stage you must make your MMU accommodation choices in order of preference (1 = Most preferred). MMU Cheshire and MMU Manchester have different options here.

MMU Manchester - You cannot choose the same accommodation twice and you must make all four choices. Details of each MMU accommodation in Manchester can be found here.

MMU Cheshire - You cannot choose the same accommodation twice and you must make two choices. Details of each MMU accommodation in Cheshire can be found here.

8. Personal Preferences

These preferences concern the following - Same-gender Accommodation and Previous Residents.

Same-gender accommodation may be available. If you would prefer same-gender accommodation please choose the 'Yes' box. Please Note: Whilst we cannot guarantee 'same-gender' accommodation, we will try our best to place you according to this preference.

If you have been a resident in MMU halls on a previous occasion we need to know. If you choose 'yes' the other fields will be enabled allowing you to fill in the relevant details.

9. Final Check / Password Registration

All the details you have provided us with will be presented here. If the name and address details we hold on our records are incorrect you must inform your academic department.

If you check your accommodation choices and they are incorrect you can use the edit button to go back and edit them.

Our final request is that you register an active email address and a password with us. You will need these details later to log on and view your application status. Passwords must be at least 6 characters long.

Upon submission of all these details you will receive a confirmation email to the email address you provided.